Watch By the Sea (1915)

Watch By the Sea (1915)

By the Sea (1915)

Chaplin's Essanay Comedies (1915) • 14m

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  • His Regeneration (1915)

    Chaplin made a guest appearance in this one-reel G.M. “Broncho Billy” Anderson drama, as the Tramp in the film’s dance-hall sequence. That the main title states
    that Anderson was “slightly assisted by Charles Chaplin” suggests that Chaplin may have had a hand in the construction and direction of...

  • Work (1915)

    The havoc created by incompetent laborers had always been prime slapstick material. In this comedy, Chaplin plays a paperhanger's assistant hired to paper a mansion (the imposing home was the Bradbury Mansion at 147 North Hill Street in Los Angeles). The job quickly devolves into anarchy, culmina...

  • A Woman (1915)

    Chaplin had twice previously donned female attire at Keystone, in A Busy Day (1914) and The Masquerader (1914). A WOMAN was Chaplin's last and finest female impersonation, a then-popular device among comedians (Julian Eltinge built a career and fortune on it).

    The first half of the film is a ...