Watch Movies Dream in Color (2004)

Watch Movies Dream in Color (2004)

Movies Dream in Color (2004)

Discovering Cinema (2003-2004) • 52m

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  • Flying High (1929)

    An early example of the merging of silent and sound film, known as a "part-talkie", at a time when film-going audiences couldn't get enough of the new talking pictures.

    FLYING HIGH is part of the fourth series in a continuing film serial about The Collegians, college students who find their wa...

  • La Cucaracha (1934)

    One of the very first attempts at showcasing what the new "three-strip" technicolor process could do with live action footage, LA CUCARACHA was a smash success as vibrant colors seem to explode off the screen.

    Produced by Pioneer Pictures and costing about $65,000, an exorbitant amount for a ...