Watch In the Park (1915)

Watch In the Park (1915)

In the Park (1915)

Chaplin's Essanay Comedies (1915) • 14m

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  • A Jitney Elopement (1915)

    Charlie must rescue his sweetheart, Edna, from an arranged marriage by posing as the Count, the man to whom Edna is betrothed but whom neither she nor her father have ever seen. The film climaxes with a car chase, featuring a Ford automobile, a target of contemporary humor, alongside San Francisc...

  • The Tramp (1915)

    Charlie, a wistful but down-on-his-luck wanderer, saves a farmer’s daughter from some thieving toughs and subsequently stops their attempt to rob the farm. He falls in love with the girl, but upon the appearance of her sweetheart, the little fellow realizes the true situation. He departs, leaving...

  • By the Sea (1915)

    The second of two one-reel comedies Chaplin made for Essanay, the film was photographed along Ocean Front Walk and Abbott Kinney Pier in Venice, California, in just one day. It is a film that reverts into the old Keystone pattern (beaches, parks, or motion picture studios as locales for fast-pace...