Watch Easy Street (1917)

Watch Easy Street (1917)

Easy Street (1917)

Chaplin's Mutual Comedies (1916-1917) • 26m

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  • The Cure (1917)

    THE CURE, the tenth film in the series, is perhaps the funniest of the Mutuals. Inspiration for the film was drawn from the Los Angeles Athletic Club, where Chaplin was living at the time and where the idea of a health spa first occurred to him. The wrestling bouts in the gymnasium of the Athleti...

  • The Immigrant (1917)

    THE IMMIGRANT, which contains elements of satire, irony, and romance as well as cinematic poetry, endures into the twenty-first century as a comic masterpiece. The film, Chaplin's eleventh in the Mutual series, is the best-constructed of his two-reelers and was Chaplin's favorite among all his tw...

  • The Adventurer (1917)

    The most popular of the Mutuals, THE ADVENTURER begins and ends with a chase. It is the fastest-paced film of the series, and although it has more slapstick than Easy Street (1917) and The Immigrant (1917), it is redeemed by its construction, characterization, and Chaplin's balletic grace.